This year the Thai national team turned 100 years oldĀ  and is one of the longest running international football teams in Southeast Asia although the quality of domestic teams in Thailand may not be quite on the same level as they are in the UK or Germany football is still very much a followed sport in the country. The national sport in Thailand is Muay thai but football is a close second is millions of people tune in to watch football every single week. If you’ve ever visited Thailand you will notice that many people follow top English teams such as Manchester United.

In Thailand online betting is a bit of a grey area and although many people do like to wager on football it can often be very difficult to do. One such place in which Thai people can gamble online is bet365. They accept players from Thailand as well as neighbouring countries including China and Vietnam. The Thai government have made it quite difficult for players to make deposits online but you can still sign up for services such as neteller which allow you to store your funds in an online digital wallet similar to PayPal. You can then send and receive funds to any betting site which accepts players from Thailand.

The good thing about signing up to a service such as this site is it unlocks thousands of streams of live football matches from all over the world including Thailand. Once you are an active customer of the site all the streams become unlocked and last year they broadcast over 60,000 live sporting events ranging from horseracing to football.